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Welcome to DTWBI R package

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DTWBI_1.1 is now available here for download or on R CRAN.

  • This new version has been optimized to reduce calculation time.
  • An argument was added to allow users choosing a quality threshold under which imputation is rejected.

What is DTWBI ?

  • A new method based on Dynamic Time Warping for imputation
  • A R package

Package content

  • Comparison of different Dynamic Time Warping algorithms for imputation
  • Use of DTWBI for imputing values into a large gap within a signal
  • Assessment of imputation accuracy using different indicators

Installation procedure

Direct procedure

Open a R session, then execute the following instructions:

devtools::install_url("", dependencies = T)

More complex procedure

Download the package: R package into your R working directory.

Open a R session, then execute the following R instructions:

install.packages(c("dtw", "rlist", "stats", "e1071", "entropy", "lsa"))
install.packages("DTWBI_1.1.tar.gz", repos = NULL, type = "source")

How to use it

In a R session, execute:



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Contact us at emilie.poisson *at* univ − littoral *dot* fr