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What is FSMUMI ?

  • A new method based on Fuzzy Weigthed Similarity Measure for imputation of Uncorrelated Multivariate Time series and Univariate Time Series.

  • A R package

Package content

  • a function to impute large gaps within multivariate time series based. on Dynamic Time Warping methods : Thi-Thu-Hong Phan, André Bigand, and Émilie Poisson Caillault, “A New Fuzzy Logic-Based Similarity Measure Applied to Large Gap Imputation for Uncorrelated Multivariate Time Series,” Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, vol. 2018, Article ID 9095683, 15 pages, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1155/2018/9095683. This function can deal with multiple gaps over all the sequences componing the input multivariate signal. However, for better consistency, large gaps at the same location over all sequences should be avoided.

  • a simulated dataset

Installation procedure

Direct procedure

Open a R session, then execute the following instructions:

devtools::install_url("http://mawenzi.univ-littoral.fr/FSMUMI/package/FSMUMI_1.0.tar.gz", dependencies = T)

More complex procedure

Download the package: R package into your R working directory.

Open a R session, then execute the following R instructions:

install.packages(c("dtw", "rlist", "stats", "e1071", "entropy", "lsa"))
install.packages("FSMUMI\_1.0.tar.gz", repos = NULL, type = "source")

How to use it

In a R session, execute:



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Contact us at emilie.poisson *at* univ − littoral *dot* fr