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Welcome to sClust R package

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What is sClust?

  • sClust is a R toolbox of spectral clustering methods.
  • It is also available through a web graphical interface called sClustWeb, which is available on request. But a demo version is available here.


Keywords: Unsupervised learning - Spectral clustering - Multi-Level clustering.

The sClust R package is distributed on the CRAN website: soon.

The R package allows users to cluster a dataset based on common characteristics using single or multi-level spectral classification.

The web GUI gives access in a simple and fast way to the different clustering methods, and to some tools allowing to interpret the results obtained, either plots or computed scores. All outputs can be exported.

The documentation you will find here will focus in a first part on the R package and in a second part on the use of the web interface of sClust.


  • CPER MARCO : CPER 2014-2020, State-Region Plan Contract, between the State and the Hauts-de-France Region. Establishment of instruments and tools (surveys, indicators) for a global approach to the study of the marine environment, the resource and the quality of marine products.
  • JERICO-s3 H2020 : Joint European Research Infrastructure Network for Coastal Observatories to reinforce and expand a strong and transparent European Network in the provision of operational services for the timely, continuous and sustainable delivery of high quality environmental data and information products related to the marine environment in the European coastal seas.

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