sClust web GUI

The graphical interface developed for this R package is an interface developed with the help of Shiny that will allow you to use the main functions of the package and to exploit them.

The application having been developed on Shiny,it is then a web application usable on an internet browser. This allows all the people who want to use it to be able to use it from anywhere.

The interface is composed of 7 tabs :

  • the "Home" tab is the first tab the user arrives at. It allows to start the application ;
  • the "Import data" tab which allows to select and load the data to be clustered ;
  • the "Select data" tab which will allow the user to specify the data on which the clustering will be based ;
  • the "Pre Compute" tab which will allow you to select data pre-processing options ;
  • the "Compute Clustering" tab which will allow you to select one or more clustering to apply and their options ;
  • The "Results" tab will contain all the results of the clustering ;
  • The "About" tab which reminds all the partners related to this project.

Figure 1: Home tab of the application
On this main tab, the user can change the display theme, or go directly to the next step by clicking on the "Start" button